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Microsoft Educator Trainer

About the program

ME Trainers are educators, government or district trainers, professional development specialists, or affiliates who want to train educators and school leaders on the effective use of technology.

As a Microsoft Educator Trainer, your role is to plan and deliver inspirational training that helps other educators use technology in teaching and learning, as well as in other areas of school or college life. By becoming part of the ME Training community, you will be able to access a wide range of support to help you achieve this goal.


  1. Complete the instructor-led Trainer Academy course (link above) or the Microsoft Educator Trainer academy learning path (link above) on Microsoft Learn
  2. Join our LinkedIn group at
  3. Commit to and report training 100 educators between July 1 and June 30 each year
ME Trainer badge.

What are the benefits for me?

By becoming an ME Trainer, you are joining a community of people who are passionate about supporting other educators in developing how technology is used in the classroom and beyond. The personal benefits include:

  1. Access to training materials on a wide range of topics to help you plan and facilitate your training, including PowerPoint presentations and guidance on what to cover in your training.
  2. Earn your ME Trainer and Master Trainer badges when you train other educators and register the training on the Training Tracker.
  3. Gain recognition for the important work you do.
  4. Explore relevant research on effective professional development to progress your role as a trainer.
  5. Enhance your own personal professional development, by keeping up to date and learning about new features and teaching and learning ideas. Plus, you can download a certificate of your status as an ME Trainer to include in your professional development portfolio and you can download an email signature.
  6. You can connect with the ME Trainer Community via social media to share good practice, learn about new features and ideas, and find support.

What are the benefits for the people I train?

Taking part in training will:

  1. Give educators new ideas, inspiration, and the skills to enhance learning and teaching with technology.
  2. Help to demonstrate how technology can be used to support work in all areas of the organization.
  3. Help educators to explore the development of 21st century learning skills in their classes.
  4. Support staff on their Microsoft Educator journey. Attendees can redeem the attendance code that you provide and become a Microsoft Educator themselves.

What are the benefits for the organizations I work with?

The organization benefits from:

  1. Structured and supported approach to developing the use of technology across the organization.
  2. Free training materials that support different areas of the organization, helping to save time and allow trainers to focus on delivery.
  3. Training that is based on relevant research and best practice.