How do I help my students with mobility limitations?


Graphic of a wheelchair user.

Learn more about Windows 10 features such as Eye Control, On-Screen Keyboard, and other assistive technology tools that can help people with mobility limitations. Tools such as Dictate and Touch Mode help users navigate around Office 365 as well.

  • Ease of Access Center has options to optimize interaction with the computer. This can be found in Settings for Windows 10.
  • Dictation: Students can Dictate in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and OneNote with a single button.
  • Keyboard only: Interacting with your computer only using the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts.
  • On-Screen Keyboard: Type with a mouse, trackball, or joystick.
  • Eye Control allows you to use an eye tracker to control your computer.

Learn more about these tools for students with mobility challenges.

Screenshot of Interaction settings in Windows.