How do I help my students with visual limitations?


Graphic of an eye.

A student with a visual limitation may need a larger or brighter screen, or a screen reader. Learn about these and other accessibility tools and features for people who are blind, color blind, or have low vision.

  • Learning Tools and Immersive Reader for students with low vision is an easy way to make text accessible. Font size, color, and contrast can be easily changed to the student's individual needs without changing system settings.
  • Ease of Access Center:  In the Ease of Access Center, located in Settings, users can make changes to the computer to make it easier to see.
  • Seeing AI: This application turns the visual world into an audible experience. 
  • Office Lens: Office Lens is a great way for students to independently digitize materials. When working remotely, students will be able to access as well as turn in materials independently.
  • Narrator reads aloud the text on a PC screen. It also describes events such as notifications and calendar appointments, which allows for PC use without a display. 

Learn more about these tools for blind or low vision students.