Logging and monitoring the health of your services is a vital component of production applications. You need to be able to determine the causes of failures. You also need to identify any problems before they occur.

Azure Monitor is an important tool to help you in this process. It allows you to gather monitoring and diagnostic information about the health of your services. You can use this information to visualize and analyze the causes of problems that might occur in your app.

Suppose that you work for the operations team of a large organization. The organization is running large-scale production apps in the cloud. The operations team wants to consolidate its log data in a single service to improve visibility across services and simplify its logging strategy.

The team began implementing Azure Monitor logs. It wants to fully understand how the logs work. It also wants to know what the capabilities are to query and evaluate the log data that's fed into the service.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Identify the features and capabilities of Azure Monitor logs.
  • Create basic Azure Monitor log queries to extract information from log data.