Create program calendars and add staff


School administrators may be in charge of coordinating meetings and managing the schedule for their school.

Microsoft Bookings makes it easy to set up multiple calendars for individuals or programs, assign appropriate levels of access, and create default service types (meetings).

Let’s set up a Bookings calendar for admissions interviews for a university. In this university, three staff members conduct interviews.

To set up an admissions calendar, select New Bookings Calendar in the top left calendar dropdown. Follow the same instructions as shared in Unit 1, modifying the details to fit the admissions team’s needs.

Add staff to the calendar

Once the calendar is created, it's time to add the staff members that will conduct the interviews.

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Staff
  3. Select Add new staff
  4. Follow the instructions in the video below

Determine which level of access each staff member receives:

  • Administrator: Full access to the Bookings calendar and all its capabilities
  • Scheduler: Handles the day-to-day operations and permission to manage appointments
  • Team member: Has control over their own appointments and availability
  • Viewer: Has read access to all parts of the calendar, but doesn’t have permission to make changes
  • Guest: Doesn’t have access to the Bookings calendar, but may be assigned appointments communicated via email. Doesn’t require a Microsoft 365 account

Once staff have been added to the calendar, they’re ready to be booked!