Using email services to send standardized messages is common in most business procedures. Automated responses are essential for customer support, while the email assortment is critical for the whole organization.

Email automation enables organizations to efficiently send personalized emails to customers or employees. Uniformity in business communication is critical and ensures that all employees follow the same communication standards.

Accordingly, WinAutomation offers various actions that enable email handling for webmail services, Microsoft Outlook, and Exchange servers.

This module examines the functionality of the Email, Outlook, and Exchange actions by developing processes where email automation is applicable.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Become familiar with the Email, Outlook, and Exchange actions.
  • Create a process that retrieves, processes, and sends emails.


You should have basic familiarity with the WinAutomation Console and Process Designer, including basic familiarity with process development and variables.