Understand methods to increase user productivity


By implementing a management infrastructure, you can provide IT services, apps, protection, and configuration to your end users to make them more productive. For instance, end users can automatically get their certs, WiFi profiles, and VPN settings without having to manually configure them. End users are more productive because they don't have to manually configure settings. Also, end users are better protected because they have the right settings.

In addition, you can increase end-user productivity by using endpoint analytics. Endpoint analytics aims to improve user productivity and reduce IT support costs by providing insights into how your organization is working, and the quality of the experience you're delivering to your end users. Endpoint Analytics can help identify configuration or hardware issues that might be slowing down devices, provide recommended actions to remediate them, and proactively make changes without disrupting end users or generating a help-desk ticket.

Endpoint analytics is also a part of the Microsoft Adoption Score. The Adoption Score provides productivity data, insights, and recommendations for your end users' experience and your organization's overall technology experience.

Screenshot of Endpoint analytics in Microsoft Intune.