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Consider the following scenario.

Tailwind Traders has created environments for development and testing for its e-commerce system.

Here's a diagram that shows the basic compute, database, and networking components found in each environment.

A diagram of the development and test environments. Each environment contains virtual machines, a database, and a virtual network. The development environment includes three virtual machines. The test environment contains six virtual machines.

These environments provide a way for the team to build and test new application features. If you've gone through the Plan and manage your Azure costs module, then you've already seen this layout.

Although the development and test teams report to different departments, both environments exist under the same Azure subscription.

The IT manager wants to implement governance controls to help ensure that only authorized users can access these systems. Having these controls in place will also help them track and manage operating costs.

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How can Tailwind Traders allow some users to control the virtual machines in each environment but prevent them from modifying networking and other resources in the same resource group or Azure subscription?


Which is the best way for Tailwind Traders to ensure that the team deploys only cost-effective virtual machine SKU sizes?


Which is likely the best way for Tailwind Traders to identify which billing department each Azure resource belongs to?