Consume business events in finance and operations apps

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Dynamics 365
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You may experience partial outages in labs that use the finance and operations apps virtual machine. We are working on fixing it and ask for your patience.

Business events provide a mechanism that lets external systems receive notifications from finance and operations apps. In this way, the systems can perform business actions in response to the business events.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Learn about the business events framework.
  • Implement new business events through class extension.
  • Consume business events.
  • Extend and existing business event
  • Business events in Microsoft Power Automate.
  • Role based security for business events.


  • Familiarity with finance and operations apps
  • Moderate experience with coding in X++, including creating class extensions
  • Knowledge of the extension framework in finance and operations apps
  • An understanding of how to create a new class extension and add new methods