You've met the Tailspin team and learned a bit about their problems. Mara, the newest team member, is trying to convince her teammates that a DevOps approach, using the services in Azure DevOps, is a great way to solve them. She's taken it upon herself to do a value stream mapping (VSM) exercise, and she's shown everyone the results.

Her next goal is to convince the Tailspin team to take their first DevOps steps by using an Agile approach and Azure Boards, a part of the Azure DevOps suite. Azure Boards helps teams collaborate and plan their work better. This module shows how the team creates its first board.

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Define the term Agile.
  • Begin to make recommendations for incorporating Agile practices into your organization.
  • Create a project in Azure DevOps.
  • Add work items to Azure Boards by using the Basic process.


The modules in this learning path form a progression. We recommend you start at the beginning of the Get started with Azure DevOps learning path before you work on this module.

If you'd rather do only this module, go through Introduction to Azure DevOps first to set up your Azure DevOps organization.

Meet the team

You met the Space Game web team at Tailspin Toys in previous modules. As a refresher, here's who you'll work with in this module:

Cartoon depiction of Andy.

Andy is the development lead.

Cartoon depiction of Amita.

Amita is in QA.

Cartoon depiction of Tim.

Tim is in operations.

Cartoon depiction of Mara.

Mara just joined as a developer and reports to Andy.

Mara has prior experience with DevOps and is helping the team adopt a more streamlined process by using Azure DevOps.