The Learn modules for the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure will teach you how to apply the various guidance, tools, best practices, and reference architectures found within each methodology of the framework. This module can help you accelerate and unblock adoption in parallel to your learning paths.

In this module, you'll review the narrative that spans the majority of the Learn modules in this learning path. You'll also see how a range of getting-started resources in the Cloud Adoption Framework can accelerate results across your cloud-adoption efforts.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Understand common roadblocks that prevent adoption success.
  • Evaluate one or more guides that can help you get things moving or moving faster.
  • Get started on the proper course of action by using shared guidance and related Learn modules.


Before you apply the Learn modules for the Cloud Adoption Framework, you should have a general understanding of your current cloud-adoption plan. You should also understand the roadblocks that might prevent your organization from being successful.

As an alternative, this module provides a narrative and cloud-adoption plan for a reference customer named Tailwind Traders.