Virtualize resources in the cloud


Discover virtualization and how it enables many technologies in the cloud, including virtual machines, containers and networks.

Learning objectives

In this module you will:

  • Identify the two main types of virtual machines and provide examples of each
  • Identify major reasons that virtualization is an essential technology for cloud computing
  • List the key advantages that containers have over virtual machines
  • Understand key terms such as Docker containers, container images, and container registries
  • Identify some of the ways in which major cloud platforms support containers
  • Recall key design considerations for data-center networks and describe the need for network virtualization to support multiple tenants

In Partnership with Dr. Majd Sakr and Carnegie Mellon University.


  • Understand what cloud computing is, including cloud service models, and common cloud providers
  • Recognize cloud service models such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and differentiate between them
  • Understand how cloud resource provisioning works