Exercise - Communicate using Markdown


This exercise checks your knowledge on content covered in this module by using Markdown in order to collaborate more expressively throughout GitHub.

Get started

When you select the Start the exercise on GitHub button below, you'll be directed to a public GitHub template repository that will prompt you to complete a series of small challenges. Before you can begin the exercise, complete the below tasks:

  • Select the Start course button or the Use this template feature within the template repository. This will prompt you to create a new repository. We recommend creating a public repository, as private repositories will use Actions minutes. After you make your own repository from the template, wait about 20 seconds and refresh.

  • Follow the instructions in the repository's README to understand how the exercise works, its learning objectives, and how to successfully complete the exercise.

When you've finished the exercise in GitHub, return here for:

  • A quick knowledge check
  • A summary of what you've learned
  • To earn a badge for completing this module


You don't need to modify any of the workflow files to complete this exercise. Altering the contents in this workflow can break the exercise's ability to validate your actions, provide feedback, or grade the results.