Determine Blob Storage pricing


All Azure storage accounts use a pricing model for Azure Blob Storage that's based on the tier of each blob.

Things to know about pricing for Blob Storage

Review the following billing considerations for an Azure storage account and Blob Storage.

  • Performance tiers. The Blob Storage tier determines the amount of data stored and the cost for storing that data. As the performance tier gets cooler, the per-gigabyte cost decreases.

  • Data access costs. Data access charges increase as the tier gets cooler. For data in the Cool and Archive tiers, you're billed a per-gigabyte data access charge for reads.

  • Transaction costs. There's a per-transaction charge for all tiers. The charge increases as the tier gets cooler.

  • Geo-replication data transfer costs. This charge only applies to accounts that have geo-replication configured, including GRS and RA-GRS. Geo-replication data transfer incurs a per-gigabyte charge.

  • Outbound data transfer costs. Outbound data transfers (data that's transferred out of an Azure region) incur billing for bandwidth usage on a per-gigabyte basis. This billing is consistent with general-purpose Azure storage accounts.

  • Changes to the storage tier. If you change the account storage tier from Cool to Hot, you incur a charge equal to reading all the data existing in the storage account. Changing the account storage tier from Hot to Cool incurs a charge equal to writing all the data into the Cool tier (GPv2 accounts only).