Create a call center channel


Watch the following video to learn how to:

  • Create a call center channel.
  • Add users to the channel.
  • Assign a price group to the call center.
  • Assign the channel to an organizational hierarchy.

After the user is linked to the call center, any sales orders that this user creates in Commerce Headquarters will be marked as a Retail order and will be automatically linked to that user's call center channel.

If Enable order completion has been configured on the call center channel, the user flow of the sales order entry process is enhanced with additional configurations on the Sales order page to ensure that the order is properly paid for before it can be released to processing.

If Enable order completion is not turned on, the user will still have access to retail pricing and other Commerce call center features, but payment processing is not enabled and therefore will not be enforced. Users who are not linked to a call center channel can access the same Sales order page, but the orders that they create will not be marked as retail orders and will use only the standard order entry features of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Modes of delivery

You can specify which delivery modes are available in the call center channel. However, ensure that you have at least one mode of delivery that is defined for your call center channel to avoid errors in order processing. The Commerce call center order creation logic triggers a check on the combination between the channel, the ordered products, and the sales line shipping addresses to verify if the selected mode of delivery is valid for a particular sales line.

Therefore, a critical component of the mode of delivery configuration for a call center is defining which products and which countries or regions, and states, can be included or excluded from using a certain mode of delivery.

To assign a mode of delivery to the call center, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Retail and Commerce > Channels > Call centers > All call centers page.

  2. Select the call center where you want to add delivery modes.

  3. Open the Setup tab on the Action Pane.

  4. Select Modes of delivery.

  5. Select Manage modes of delivery.

  6. Select New to create a new mode of delivery.

  7. Enter a name and description and then, on the Retail channels FastTab, add your call center channel.

  8. Mode of delivery can be inclusive or exclusive for certain products or product categories. You can add products to the mode of delivery by selecting Add line on the Products FastTab.

  9. Configure the allowed addresses on the Addresses FastTab.

  10. To make the delivery modes valid and enable the link to the channels, a batch job must be run by going to Retail and Commerce > Retail and Commerce IT > Process delivery modes.

  11. Select OK.

    Screenshot of the Modes of delivery page

Payment methods

Each call center requires that at least one payment method is associated with it to ensure that the order processing can succeed when Enable order completion is configured, but you can have multiple payment methods, if necessary. Typically, an organization will define methods of payment that are specific to credit card, check, and customer account payment types.

To configure the payment methods for a call center channel, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Retail and Commerce > Channels > Call centers > All call centers.

  2. On the Setup tab in the Action Pane, select the Payment methods option.

  3. By selecting the New button, a payment method will be created.

  4. Ensure that you configure the correct Function for the payment. The function defines how the payment is processed and the data that is required to be captured by the user to appropriately process the payment.

    • Cash or non-specific processing payment types should be classified as Normal, while Card, Check, and Customer payment types have specific functions and must be configured properly.
    • The Tender remove/float function is not applicable to the call center channel.
  5. In the Account number field, select a ledger account or bank account and the exact main account. If you omit this step, users will receive errors when they try to save the payment type.

  6. Additional setup is required for credit card payments.

    Screenshot of the Commerce Payment methods page