Knowledge check


Your organization has diverse requirements for the configuration and availability of their virtual machines. You're responsible for helping with the configuration to fulfill requests and resolve issues.

  • The Admin team is testing an implementation of Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets with five virtual machines. During testing, monitoring alerts show all virtual machines running at maximum capacity. However, you discover that when the CPU is fully consumed more virtual machines aren't deploying in the scale set.

  • The DevOps team wants to configure Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets for their production servers. Thursday evening is typically the busiest time in preparation for delivery to customers by COB on Friday. Conversely, early Monday is generally the quietest time. You need a plan to add more machines when the workload is high.

  • As load increases on applications hosted in Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets, you want to increase the CPU capacity of the existing instances rather than deploy more instances.

Answer the following questions

Choose the best response for each of the questions below. Then select Check your answers.


How can you ensure more virtual machines are deployed for the Admin team when the CPU is 75% consumed?


Which Virtual Machine Scale Sets feature can be configured to add more DevOps machines during peak production?


What types of scaling can you use to increase the CPU capacity for your existing Virtual Machine Scale Sets instances?