Connecting IoT devices to Azure AI services using Azure Functions

AI Edge Engineer
Azure IoT Hub

Create and deploy an Azure function to make a language translation IoT device. The function will use Cognitive Speech Service. Your device will record a voice in a foreign language and convert the speech to a target language.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Configure an IoT device to an IoT Hub
  • Integrate Cognitive Speech Service into an Azure function
  • Deploy an Azure function app
  • Test your Azure function app with an IoT device

"Produced in partnership with the University of Oxford – Ajit Jaokar, Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations course."


  • Familiarity with Azure
  • Basic understanding of IoT
  • Basic knowledge of Azure Functions
  • Basic knowledge of Azure AI services
  • A MXChip IoT DevKit board with a Micro-USB cable
  • A computer running Windows 10, macOS 10.10+ or Ubuntu 18.04+
  • An active Azure subscription
  • Visual Studio Code installed on your computer
  • Arduino IDE installed on your computer
  • .NET SDK installed on your computer