Contoso Coffee produces consumer and commercial coffee makers. The sales team uses Dataverse to keep track of opportunities but is looking for help with ensuring that open opportunities aren't missed.

Sales opportunities previously were tracked using offline Excel spreadsheets, causing opportunities to be missed. Contoso Coffee wants to begin using Dataverse to keep track of opportunities and Power Automate to share open opportunities with the sales team daily.

Some simple automation provides the sales team an easy way to reduce the time waiting on the customer information and ensure sales opportunities aren't missed.

You applied your Power Automate skills to create a robust solution that meets Contoso Coffee's needs.

  • Created a custom table with custom columns in Dataverse to hold information about each sales opportunity.
  • Built a Power Automate flow to send daily email lists of new sales opportunities.
  • Tested the Power Automate flow.

Congratulations on completing this Guided Project and validating your Power Automate skills!