You've likely had the chance to load and transform data from numerous sources, build visuals, create DAX equations, and even publish a report or two to Microsoft Power BI. The next step on your data analysis journey is to share these reports with your wider audiences and organizations. You can accomplish this task in a workspace, which is a feature of Power BI. A workspace is a centralized repository in which you can collaborate with colleagues and teams to create collections of reports and dashboards.

Workspaces offer the following benefits:

  • Focused collaboration efforts. You can use workspaces to house reports and dashboards for use by multiple teams.

  • Ability to share and present reports and dashboards in a single environment.

  • Assurance that the highest level of security is maintained by controlling who can access semantic models, reports, and dashboards.

This module will discuss several tasks that are focused on helping you to create and manage a workspace in Power BI. Additionally, you will learn about importing and updating assets in a workspace, configuring data protection, troubleshooting data, and much more.