Exercise - Add and delete users in Azure Active Directory


You need to add member user accounts for the new developer team in your organization.

In this exercise, you'll create a new Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) organization to hold all of your user accounts. You'll also create a user account, delete a user account, and learn how to recover a deleted user account.

Create an Azure Active Directory organization

To hold all of the users you create in this exercise, create a new organization.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. On the Azure portal home page, under Azure services, select Create a resource.

  3. In Create a resource, in the left menu under Categories, select Identity. Under Popular Azure services, select Create under Azure Active Directory.

    Screenshot that shows the create link for Azure Active Directory under Azure services.

  4. In Create a tenant, on the Basics tab, enter the following value for the setting.

    Setting Value
    Tenant type
    Select a tenant type Azure Active Directory
  5. Select Next : Configuration, and enter the following values for each setting.

    Setting Value
    Directory details
    Organization name Enter Contoso Marketing Company
    Initial domain name Enter contosomarketingXXXX where you replace XXXX with numbers or letters to make your domain name unique
  6. Select Next : Review + create.

  7. After validation passes, select Create. The Help us prove you're not a robot pane appears.

  8. Enter the appropriate match to the request, and select Submit. Wait for the creation of your tenant to be completed.

  9. On the Help us prove you're not a robot pane, select the Click here to navigate to your new tenant: Contoso Marketing Company link.

    Screenshot that shows the link to manage your new organization.

    The Overview pane for Contoso Marketing Company appears.

Get a free trial for Azure AD Premium

To complete all the exercises in this module, you'll need to activate a free trial for Azure AD Premium.

  1. In the left menu pane, under Manage, select Licenses. The Overview pane for Licenses appears.

  2. On the right side of the pane, under Quick tasks, select Get a free trial.

    Screenshot that shows the link to create free trial.

    The Activate pane appears.

  3. Under Azure AD Premium P2, expand Free trial, and then select Activate. If you don't have that option, that's ok. You can complete most of the exercises without it. After the premium license activates, the Overview pane for Licenses reappears.

  4. Return to the Overview pane for Azure Active Directory for Contoso Marketing Company. On the Overview tab, under the Basic information section, refresh the browser until you see Azure AD Premium P2 appear aside License. It may take a couple of minutes.

    Screenshot that shows Azure AD Premium P2 on the Overview page under Tenant information.

    Under My feed, you should also see your role listed as the Global administrator.

  5. Under Basic information, copy the Primary domain name to use in the next section.

Add a new user

Now, let's create a user account.

  1. In the Azure AD organization you created, in the left menu pane, under Manage, select Users. The All users pane appears.

  2. In the top menu bar, select New user, then select Create new user in the drop-down. The New user pane appears for Contoso Marketing Company.

  3. Enter the following values for each setting.


    • User name: chris@contosomarketingXXXXXX.onmicrosoft.com. The domain name should match the primary domain you copied in the previous section.
    • Name: Chris Green


    • Select the copy icon next to the autogenerated password and paste the password somewhere you can refer to it later.
  4. Select Review + Create, then select Create. The All users pane reappears for Contoso Marketing Company - Azure Active Directory. The user is now created and registered to your organization.

Delete a user

You can delete users after they're created.

  1. In your All users pane for Azure AD organization, from the list, select Chris Green.

  2. In the top menu bar, select Delete. If you don't see that option, select More.

  3. Select Delete again to confirm deletion.

Recover a deleted user

You can restore deleted users. View the list of the deleted users, and then restore one.

  1. In your All users pane for Azure AD organization, in the left menu pane, select Deleted users. You now see all of the users that were deleted within the last 30 days.

  2. Check the box next to Chris Green and in the top menu bar, select Restore users.

  3. To confirm, select OK. The All users pane reappears.

  4. Verify that Chris Green's account is recovered by selecting All users in the left menu pane. You should see Chris Green restored as a user.