Call methods from the .NET Class Library using C#

Visual Studio Code

Use functionality in the .NET Class Library by calling methods that return values, accept input parameters, and more.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Write code that calls stateless methods in the .NET Class Library.
  • Create a new instance of .NET Class Library classes to call methods that maintain state.
  • Use IntelliSense to learn more about a method, its overloaded versions, its return value data type, and its input parameter data types.
  • Use Microsoft Learn documentation to research what a method does, its overloaded versions, its return value type, its input parameters and what each parameter represents.


  • Experience declaring, initializing, and accessing the values of variables in C#.
  • Experience using the basic C# data types including int and string.
  • Experience using the method Console.WriteLine() in C#.