Purpose of the Cutover strategy workshop


The Cutover strategy workshop is designed to ensure that the cutover strategy provides a good approach and plan to deliver a well-defined, well-tested, reliable, and safe transition from current systems to the new production systems.

The workshop is layered to help you gain an understanding of the cutover strategy during the Initiate/Implement phase in terms of:

  • Cutover vision and strategy.

  • Overall cutover project plan.

During the Implement phase, make sure that you confirm that the cutover-related tasks (such as data migration for mock cutover testing) are proceeding as planned and are making the necessary incremental progress. As you approach the Prepare phase, you need to confirm that the go-live cutover planning and testing is comprehensive, robust, and well-defined by reviewing the following elements:

  • Go-live cutover plan

  • Post go-live plan

Capturing these details helps you ensure a complete and well-rounded understanding of the cutover strategy.

The goal of the Cutover strategy review includes:

  • Drive communication and understanding - The review is designed to drive a conversation about the multiple aspects of cutover across the various business and technical teams. The cutover has significant components that the business teams need to own and drive beyond the technical data migration tasks. The workshop helps to ensure that the goals, planning, and approach are aligned and well-understood from the beginning.

  • Identification of risks and issues - By starting with a review of the overall cutover vision and strategy at an early stage, you can identify risks early. The cutover reviews during the Implement phase are designed to identify risks to keeping the cutover milestones on track and ready for final go-live cutover.