You put yourself into the role of a developer deploying IoT applications in the cloud for a factory automation application. You wanted to simulate both the machine's behavior and the behavior of the environment around the machine. The pre-built temperature sensor simulator module can help solve this problem when deployed at the edge.

In the absence of this module, you would be unable to test the solution adequately because it is expensive to acquire both machine and ambient data.

By using the pre-built simulated sensor module, you can be more assured that the application will perform as stipulated.

In this module, we explored the following engineering-led themes:

  • Forecast behavior of a component or system: Use simulated sensor data to predict the behavior of a system for testing.
  • Design considerations: Use simulated data to design features of the system.
  • Work within constraints/tolerances and specific operating conditions: Use simulated data to understand the boundary/threshold limitations of a solution.
  • Safety and security considerations: Use simulated data to understand the safety and boundary limitations of the system.
  • Build tools that help create the solution: The temperature sensor acts as a tool to build the actual solution.