You can use Azure Container Registry to hold Docker images, and you can construct web apps based on these images. By using a webhook, you can configure continuous deployment for a web app. This process monitors the image for the web app in Container Registry and causes the web app to be redeployed automatically if the image changes.

Clean up resources

In this module, you created resources using your Azure subscription. You want to clean up these resources so that you won't continue to be charged for them.

  1. In Azure, select Resource groups.

  2. Find the learn-deploy-container-acr-rg resource group, or whatever resource group name you used, and select it.

  3. In the Overview tab of the resource group, select Delete resource group.

  4. A dialog box appears prompting you to confirm the deletion. Enter the name of the resource group again, and select Delete. Select Delete again to confirm deletion. This will delete all of the resources we created in this module.

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