Describe the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 admin center and Microsoft 365 user portal


Microsoft 365 admin center

The Microsoft 365 admin center is where you can manage your Microsoft 365 subscription (you must have the right admin permissions to access). To access the admin center, go to and sign in with your account information. Alternatively, you can access the Microsoft 365 admin center by logging in through (select the app launcher and then select Admin) or through the Microsoft 365 Admin mobile app.

The Microsoft 365 admin center has two views: simplified view and dashboard view. You can switch between the two views. Simplified view helps smaller organizations manage their most common tasks such as managing users, subscriptions, and Teams. The dashboard view includes more complex settings and tasks. You can also customize their dashboard by adding tile cards for tasks that you perform frequently.

The following list describes some of the common tasks that you can do in the admin center:

  • Manage users by adding, deleting, restoring users or resetting a user's password.
  • Manage licenses by adding and removing licenses.
  • Manage a Microsoft 365 group by creating a group, deleting a group, and editing the name or description.
  • Manage billing like viewing, purchasing or canceling subscriptions.
  • View or create service requests.
  • Manage global settings for apps.
  • View activity reports to see how your organization is using Microsoft 365.
  • View the health of your Microsoft services.

Check out the video to see the Microsoft 365 admin center in action.

For more information on the Microsoft 365 admin center, see Microsoft 365 admin center help.

Microsoft 365 user portal

The Microsoft 365 user portal gives you access to your email, calendar, and documents through Microsoft 365 apps like Office, Teams, Outlook, and more, on the web. You can access your data from anywhere with a device and internet access. Users can sign in with their email account and password through Only the apps the user has licenses for will appear. The portal allows for quick, easy viewing and editing of files saved online through OneDrive.


The Office app is the new Microsoft 365 app, your home to find, create, and share your content and ideas. To learn more about this change, visit Microsoft Office is changing to Microsoft 365.

Screenshot showing the Microsoft 365 user portal.