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Tailwind Traders is planning on making some significant changes to their identity and access management solution. They've asked for your assistance on some recommendations and questions. Here are the specific requirements.

  • Device access to company applications. The CTO has agreed to allow some level of device access. Employees at the company‚Äôs retail stores will now be able to access certain company applications. This access, however, should be restricted to only approved devices.

  • Company reorganization. A company-wide reorganization has affected many employees. These employees are now in new roles. The IT team needs to ensure users have the correct access based on their new jobs.

  • External developer accounts. A new development project requires external software developers to access company data files. The IT team needs to create user accounts for approximately five developers.

  • User sign-in attempts. A recent audit of user sign-ins attempts revealed anonymous IP addresses and unusual locations. The IT team wants to require multifactor authentication for these attempted sign-ins.

Answer the following questions

Choose the best response for each of the questions below. Then select Check your answers.


How can Tailwind Traders permit employees at their retail stores to access company apps from approved tablet devices only?


What should Tailwind Traders do to ensure employees have the correct permissions for their job role?


What should Tailwind Traders do to give access to their partner developers?


What solution would be best for user sign-in attempt requirement?