ExpressRoute lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud over a private connection with the help of a connectivity provider. With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to various Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. Connectivity can be from an any-to-any (IP VPN) network, a point-to-point Ethernet network, or a virtual cross-connection through a connectivity provider at a colocation facility. Since ExpressRoute connections do not go over the public Internet, this approach allows ExpressRoute connections to offer more reliability, faster speeds, consistent latencies, and higher security.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Learn about Express Route and how to design your network with ExpressRoute
  • Learn about Express Route configuration choices and how to decide on the appropriate SKU based on your requirements
  • Learn about ExpressRoute Global Reach
  • Explore Express Route FastPath
  • Understand Express Route peering, Private and Microsoft peering


  • You should have experience with networking concepts, such as IP addressing, Domain Name System (DNS), and routing
  • You should have experience with network connectivity methods, such as VPN or WAN
  • You should be able to navigate the Azure portal
  • You should have experience with the Azure portal and Azure PowerShell