Knowledge check


Tailwind Traders has several requirements to meet for their production network environment. It's important that you select the right networking solutions to meet all of the requirements.

  • Non-internet facing web app. The company needs to load balance incoming traffic to their web application, but the app can't be internet facing.

  • Network security. You need to filter HTTP(S) traffic from Azure to on-premises, and filter traffic outbound to the internet.

  • Network architecture. The Network team intends to deploy resources across several Azure regions. The configuration requires global connectivity between Azure virtual networks in these Azure regions and multiple on-premises locations. The company requires centralized management of the networks and connections.

Answer the following questions

Choose the best response for each of the questions below. Then select Check your answers.


What solution would you recommend for the load-balancing requirements?


Which security solution is necessary to filter the traffic as indicated?


What network topology is recommended based on the architecture requirement?