Exercise: Design a strategy for securing data


This case study exercise is designed to provide experience performing some conceptual design tasks that relate to the subjects learned in this module.

Case study: data security

Tailwind Traders is a fictitious home improvement retailer. It operates retail hardware stores across the globe and online. The Tailwind Traders CISO is aware of the opportunities offered by Azure, but also understands the need for strong security and solid cloud architecture. Without strong security and a great point of reference architecture, the company may have difficulty managing the Azure environment and costs, which are hard to track and control. The CISO is interested in understanding how Azure manages and enforces security standards.


Tailwind Traders plans to make some significant changes to their data security strategy. The company has a new security optimization project for customer environments. The CISO wants to ensure that all data in rest and transit are secured and controlled in the cloud.

Design tasks

  • What could Tailwind Traders evaluate to design a Data Security Strategy? Evaluate a standard and explain your decision-making process.
  • What security strategy could be used to Protect Data in Transit?
  • How are you enforcing Data Security for all users to protect their identity, data, and other assets in Microsoft Azure?