Your organization, which runs workloads in the cloud and on-premises, needed a recovery strategy for its applications. You needed to select an appropriate solution based on the organization's requirements, while minimizing costs and complexity.

You developed a BCDR plan. You used Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup as part of your plan, and you explored how to build resilience for your applications to keep them running. You also looked at how you can build resilience for the data that your applications rely on while maintaining access to that data.

Imagine if you didn't have a disaster recovery solution in place. Your organization's applications would be continually at risk. Your data would also be at risk. If a failure occurred, your organization would likely incur massive costs, potential legal repercussions, and possible loss of reputation.

By following this module, you were able to put together a disaster recovery solution to help keep your organization's applications running if there's a failure, whether small or large. You learned how to use several Azure tools together as part of your solution to meet the organization's requirements.

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