Object detection is a form of machine learning based computer vision in which a model is trained to recognize individual types of objects in an image, and to identify their location in the image.

Uses of object detection

Some sample applications of object detection include:

  • Checking for building safety: Evaluating the safety of a building by analyzing footage of its interior for fire extinguishers or other emergency equipment.
  • Driving assistance: Creating software for self-driving cars or vehicles with lane assist capabilities. The software can detect whether there is a car in another lane, and whether the driver's car is within its own lanes.
  • Detecting tumors: Medical imaging such as an MRI or x-rays that can detect known objects for medical diagnosis.

Learning objectives

Learn how to use Azure AI Custom Vision service to create an image detection solution. In this module you will:

  • Identify services in Azure for creating an object detection solution.
  • Provision a Custom Vision resource.
  • Train an object detection model.
  • Publish and consume an object detection model.