Are you concerned about student well-being? Are you looking for ways support social and emotional learning in your classroom? Do you know how well-being affects learning and which areas of well-being are the most challenging in your classroom?

This module is for educators who want to lead well-being in their classrooms, and who want to find out how social and emotional learning can be supported with actionable data and targeted content.

“Student well-being and academic achievement have a reciprocal effect, and it seems to be significant.”

—Katariina Salmela-Aro, Professor of Educational Psychology, Helsinki University

Course units

This course consists of three units: 

The importance of SEL and student well-being in education

  • What is SEL (CASEL reading)

Improve social and emotional skills in the classroom with School Day

  • Discussion topics

  • Lesson plans

Integrate SEL in your curriculum and schedule

  • Plan your SEL strategy with School Day teacher freemium

Learning objectives

  • Explain the meaning of SEL in learning and well-being
  • Implement SEL in classroom activities
  • Describe how to use School Day
  • Explain how to make well-being an integral part of your curriculum