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An Azure Storage account is capable of hosting different types of objects, including blobs, tables, queues, and files. What are Azure Storage blobs?


Which of the following are the performance tiers offered by Azure Files?


What is the maximum size of a data disk attached to an Azure VM?


Which tier of Azure managed disks are recommended for IO-intensive workloads with disks larger than 35,000 GiB, IOPS peaks greater than 25,000 and max throughput greater than 1,000 MiB/s?


SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering 2.0 (DT 2.0) offers the ability to offload less frequently accessed data from memory into extended storage. Which of the following statements about DT 2.0 is true?


Are Azure Standard HDD storage-based managed disks supported for SAP workloads?


The purpose of Azure Write Accelerator is to improve I/O latency of writes against the Azure Premium Storage. Which Azure VMs can take advantage of Azure Write Accelerator functionality?