Now you have:

  • Explored Azure Storage types.
  • Explored Azure Files.
  • Examined Azure virtual machine disks.
  • Learned to recognize virtual machine images and disks.
  • Explored managed and unmanaged disks.
  • Explored caching for virtual machines and data disks.
  • Explored Write Accelerator.
  • Examined general database sizing.
  • Examined Azure virtual machine storage considerations.
  • Examined SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering 2.0.
  • Explored Azure virtual machine disks best practices.
  • Explored Azure virtual machine NFS storage.
  • Explored Azure virtual machine SMB storage.
  • Examined SAP HANA Azure virtual machine storage configurations.
  • Explored solutions with Premium Storage and Azure Write Accelerator for Azure M-Series virtual machines.
  • Explored Azure Ultra disk storage configuration for SAP HANA.
  • Explored NFS v4.1 volumes on Azure NetApp Files.
  • Examined sizing for HANA databases on Azure NetApp Files.

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