Get to your data on the go with the Power BI Mobile apps

Business User
Data Analyst
Power BI
Microsoft Power Platform

As a consumer, you'll use the Power BI mobile app to review and interact with the content that is available to you in the Power BI service while you're on the go. This module provides the information that you need to work effectively with the Power BI mobile apps.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will become familiar with the main features and capabilities of the Power BI mobile apps and learn how to:

  • Find your content.
  • View and interact with your data.
  • Access and use filters and bookmarks.
  • Share reports and dashboards with colleagues.
  • Set data alerts.
  • Create shortcuts to reports and dashboards.
  • Use the device's camera and location capabilities to get data from out in the real world.
  • Configure app settings to personalize your experience with the app.


Access to some content in the Power BI service