Welcome to Azure Quantum!

Azure Quantum is a cloud service that enables both quantum computing applications and optimization solutions, backed by the reliability and scale of Azure. On Azure Quantum, you can use the Quantum Development Kit to:

  • Build Q# programs to run on quantum hardware.
  • Formulate problems for optimization solvers to run on classical hardware.

In the Quantum Computing Foundations learning path, the quantum space exploration crew teaches you how to use quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms to solve security, logistics, infrastructure, and other types of optimization problems. Besides solving problems on the on-board simulator via the Quantum Development Kit, communication with Earth allows you to access the powerful optimizers and quantum hardware available on Azure Quantum to successfully complete your mission.

In this module, you'll set up your access to Azure Quantum and learn about solutions that are available to you in the cloud.

Azure Quantum offers two types of solutions: quantum computing and optimization. Different divisions of the quantum space crew will need:

  • Quantum computing solutions to run quantum algorithms on real or simulated quantum devices. Quantum computing with Q# harnesses quantum mechanics to enable computation through a high-level quantum-focused programming language. In a later module, you'll develop Q# applications for quantum hardware with Azure Quantum. The communications division will run Grover's algorithm in Q# for assigning bandwidth ranges to space stations.

  • Optimization solutions to address optimization problems by using classical hardware. In a later module, you'll solve optimization problems on classical hardware faster and better by using algorithms inspired by physical processes. The logistics and maintenance divisions will need this for optimal loading of cargo vessels and prioritization of job scheduling.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Discover what the Azure Quantum service has to offer: quantum computing and optimization.
  • Prepare your Azure account to use Azure Quantum.
  • Create an Azure Quantum workspace.
  • Run a sample notebook on Azure Quantum.


You need: