Get started with cost accounting in Dynamics 365 Finance

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Functional Consultant
Dynamics 365


You may experience partial outages in labs that use the finance and operations apps virtual machine. We are working on fixing it and ask for your patience.

Cost accounting lets you collect data from various sources, such as the general ledger, subledgers, budgets, and statistical information. You can then analyze, summarize, and evaluate cost data so that management can make the best possible decisions for price updates, budgets, cost control, and so on.

Learning objectives

In this module, you learn about:

  • The Cost control workspace.
  • Cost objects.
  • How to create a cost accounting report by using the Cost accounting Get started wizard.
  • How to set up cost accounting.


  • Basic understanding of finance and accounting processes
  • Ability to use Finance for basic processing
  • General understanding of order-to-cash scenarios
  • General understanding of procure-to-pay scenarios
  • General understanding of inventory and warehouse costing
  • General understanding of manufacturing costing