What are GitHub's products?


In this unit, you'll learn about available GitHub products, corresponding product features, and pricing.

A focus on GitHub products

GitHub has several free and paid products to improve your software management process and team collaboration:

  • GitHub Free
  • GitHub Pro
  • GitHub Team
  • GitHub Enterprise

As you learn about these products, remember that there's a difference between products and accounts. Here's a list of the three GitHub account types:

  • Personal user accounts
  • Organization accounts
  • Enterprise accounts

Some account types are available only within specific products. In the following sections, you'll learn more about these products, their different features, and which account types they're compatible with. As you move through the content, make it your goal to understand these separate but related concepts so that you can decide which GitHub product is right for you.

GitHub Free

This is often the product version that comes to mind when thinking of GitHub. GitHub Free provides the basics for individuals and organizations. Anyone can sign up for the free version of GitHub. Signing up for GitHub Free will give a new user a Personal user account. A personal user account includes unlimited public and private repositories and unlimited collaborators. Private repositories under GitHub Free have limited functionality, GitHub Actions minutes, and GitHub Packages storage.

Here's a breakdown of the features included with GitHub Free:

  • Unlimited public/private repositories
  • 2,000 Actions automation minutes/month (Free for public repositories)
  • 500 MB of Packages storage (Free for public repositories)
  • 120 core-hours Codespaces compute/month
  • 15 GB of Codespaces storage/month
  • New issues & projects (in limited beta)
  • GitHub Community Support
  • Dependabot alerts
  • Two-factor authentication enforcement

For a more comprehensive description of features and available add-ons, refer to GitHub's pricing page.

GitHub Free for organizations

GitHub Free also includes a free version specifically for organizations. The organization version has all the features of the personal account and two extra features:

  • Team discussions
  • Team access controls for managing groups

GitHub Pro

GitHub Pro is the same as GitHub Free but with some upgraded features. This product is available for individual developers who want advanced tools and insight within their repositories but don't belong to a team - these are individual developers using their personal accounts. GitHub Pro accounts include all of the features of a GitHub Free account, plus the following advanced features:

  • GitHub Support via Email
  • Required pull request reviewers
  • Multiple pull request reviewers
  • Auto-linked references
  • GitHub Pages
  • Wikis
  • Protected branches
  • Code owners
  • Repository insights graphs

In addition, GitHub Pro increases the limits of GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages for private repositories.

Feature Limit
GitHub Actions minutes 3000
GitHub Packages storage 2 GB
GitHub Codespaces core-hours 180
GitHub Codespaces storage 20 GB


GitHub Pro doesn't show up on the pricing page, but is available as an upgrade to personal user accounts once the user is logged in. If the account already belongs to an organization, GitHub Pro will not be available, instead GitHub Team will show as an available upgrade.

GitHub Team

GitHub Team is the version of GitHub Pro for organizations instead of personal accounts. GitHub Team includes all the same features as GitHub Pro and a few extra features that help with collaboration within a team:

  • Draft pull requests
  • Team pull-request reviewers
  • Scheduled reminders

GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise can be hosted on-premises (GitHub Enterprise Server) or in the cloud (GitHub Enterprise Cloud) using GitHub's existing infrastructure. GitHub Enterprise accounts enjoy a greater level of support and extra security, compliance, and deployment controls.

You can create one or more enterprise accounts by signing up for the paid GitHub Enterprise product. When you create an enterprise account, you're assigned the role of enterprise owner. As an enterprise owner, you can add and remove organizations to and from the enterprise account. You can manage other administrators, enforce security policies across organizations, and so on.

With GitHub Enterprise, you get GitHub Enterprise Support and a greater integration with existing on-premises or cloud services. For example, you can synchronize your authentication with SAML to enable single sign-on by using your existing configurations stored in Active Directory Federation Services or Azure Active Directory. Alternatively, you can provision access to other services by using SAML or SCIM as the identity provider. You can also use GitHub Connect to share certain features and data between your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, your GitHub Enterprise Cloud organization, or your enterprise account on GitHub.com.

In addition to the features available with GitHub Team, GitHub Enterprise includes:

  • GitHub Enterprise Support
  • More security, compliance, and deployment controls
  • Authentication with SAML single sign-on
  • Access provisioning with SAML or SCIM
  • GitHub Connect
  • The option to purchase GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub Enterprise Cloud

The hosted cloud version of GitHub Enterprise includes a dramatic increase in GitHub Actions minutes and GitHub Packages storage.

Feature Limit
GitHub Actions minutes 50,000
GitHub Packages storage 50 GB

In addition to the increased minutes, you also get the following extra features with GitHub Enterprise Cloud:

  • Access control for GitHub Pages
  • A service level agreement for 99.9% monthly uptime
  • Centralized billing options


In this unit, you covered the following topics:

  • An explanation of the intricate relationship between products and account types.
  • A list of available GitHub products.
  • A summary of product features that are contingent on your product type. Free accounts provide basic GitHub features. Paid accounts build on the free account features with improved support options, and increased GitHub Actions minutes and GitHub Packages storage along with features for collaboration, control, and reporting.
  • A review of the advanced features included with GitHub Enterprise such as increased access to support, more security, compliance, deployment controls and single sign-on.