Guided project - Debug and handle exceptions in a C# console application using Visual Studio Code

Higher Education Educator
K-12 Educator
Visual Studio Code

This module guides you through a code review and debugging process, as well as the process for adding exception handling to an application.

Learning objectives

  • Use the Visual Studio Code debugger tools to identify and correct an issue in your code logic.
  • Implement exception handling in a C# console application using the try-catch pattern.
  • Create and throw exceptions with customized properties.
  • Catch exceptions at a lower level in the call stack.


  • An installation of Visual Studio Code that's configured for C# application development.
  • Ability to develop C# console applications that implement business logic using iteration statements, selection statements, and custom methods.
  • Experience using the Visual Studio Code debugging tools for C#.
  • Experience implementing try-catch exception handing and throwing exceptions in C# console applications.