Summary and resources


In this module, you learned that Microsoft 365 is available through various subscription plans and billing options. Some of the subscription plans available include home, education, government, business, and enterprise. Microsoft also offers pricing models for cloud services such as the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program or the Enterprise Agreement. These options allow you to choose the model and plan that works best for your organization. Microsoft 365 products and services are available as user subscription licenses (USLs) and offer options to fit your needs. By choosing the ideal subscription and license, you can be certain that the functionality you require is in the most cost-effective package.

Now that you've completed this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the pricing models available for Microsoft cloud services.
  • Describe billing management features such as billing frequency and methods of payment.
  • Describe the differences between base licensing and add-on licensing.


Use the following list of resources to learn more about the information discussed in this module: