Exercise - invite guest users bulk


Invite guest users in bulk

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with an account that is a User administrator in the organization.

  2. In the navigation pane, select Azure Active Directory.

  3. Under Manage, select Users.

  4. On the Users screen, on the menu, select Bulk operations - Bulk invite.

    Screenshot of the All user page with the Bulk operations and Bulk invite menu options highlighted.

  5. In the Bulk invite users pane, select Download to a sample CSV template with invitation properties.

  6. Using an editor to view the CSV file, review the template.


    - Email address to invite
    - the user who will receive an invitation
    - Redirection url
    - the URL to which the invited user is forwarded after accepting the invitation.

  7. Open the .csv template and add a line for each guest user. Required values are:

    Screenshot of the example bulk invite guests template C S V.

  8. Save the file.

  9. On the Bulk invite users page, under Upload your csv file, browse to the file. When you select the file, validation of the .csv file starts.

  10. After the file contents are validated, you will see File uploaded successfully. If there are errors, you must fix them before you can submit the job.

    Screenshot of the Bulk invite users with File uploaded successfully message highlighted.

  11. When your file passes validation, select Submit to start the Azure bulk operation that adds the invitations.

  12. To view the job status, select Click here to view the status of each operation. Or, you can select Bulk operation results in the Activity section. For details about each line item within the bulk operation, select the values under the # Success, # Failure, or Total Requests columns. If failures occurred, the reasons for failure will be listed.

    Screenshot of the results of a bulk operation. You see the success and fail statistics of the operation.

  13. When the job completes, you will see a notification that the bulk operation succeeded.