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A Conditional Access policy is made up of if-then statements consisting of access controls and what other object?


As the Teams administrator for Northwind Traders, Allan DeYoung is interested in a report that provides the count of email messages with malicious content, such as files or website addresses (URLs) that were blocked by the anti-malware engine, zero-hour auto purge (ZAP), and Defender for Office 365 features like Safe Links, Safe Attachments. Which report provides this information?


When Safe Attachments identifies a file as malicious, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 locks the file. The blocked file is still listed in the document library. However, people are limited to what they can do with it. Which of the following actions can be applied to a file that's been blocked by Safe Attachments?


Which stage of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps framework assesses whether cloud apps meet relevant requirements, including regulatory compliance and industry standards?


Which feature of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps architecture analyzes your traffic logs against the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps catalog of more than 16,000 cloud apps and provides risk assessment reports?