This module focused on the use of Microsoft Teams as the hub for teamwork in a Microsoft 365 deployment. Confidential information can be exchanged between the team members. Applying, managing, and administering the security features of Microsoft Teams is crucial for deploying a secured collaboration environment.

In this module, you learned how to manage Microsoft Teams security through the Microsoft Teams admin center, Security Admin Center, and Windows PowerShell. You also learned how to protect your Microsoft 365 deployment from threats by using Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

This module explored how to configure Conditional Access and Multifactor authentication for Microsoft Teams. These tools are essential to addressing the security loopholes that are inadvertently introduced when users connect to their Teams systems using their personal devices. These loopholes are the result of the apps and the configurations that are present on those devices.

This module also examined the Microsoft 365 security features known as Safe Attachments and Safe Links. Safe Attachments helps detect and block files that are identified as malicious in Teams sites and document libraries. Safe Links provides URL scanning and rewriting of inbound email messages in mail flow, and time-of-click verification of URLs and links in email messages and other locations. Safe Links scanning can help protect your organization from malicious links that are used in phishing and other attacks.

You also learned about Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. It's a layer between cloud applications and cloud application users. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is designed for security professionals who need to monitor activity centrally and enforce security policies.

The module concluded by examining the reports provided by the Microsoft 365 Defender portal. The Microsoft 365 Defender portal provides reports that allow you to monitor potential security threats in your organization. Even though threat security reports may not be directly related to Microsoft Teams, they can alert you to suspicious activity that's threatening the security of your organization.