In this module, you learned about Azure VMware Solution, an Azure service to redeploy and extend VMware environments in the cloud.

Specifically, you learned:

  • The business value of Azure VMware Solution:
    • VMware tools and technology that you know
    • Azure native integration
    • High-performance cloud infrastructure
  • The basic components of Azure VMware Solution and how it works in Azure:
    • What Microsoft manages with the solution
    • Private-cloud concepts and storage
    • Interconnectivity in Azure
    • Security and compliance
  • Use cases that drive adoption of Azure VMware Solution:
    • Migrate existing assets "as is"
    • Reduce your datacenter footprint
    • Prepare for disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Modernize your workloads
  • Pricing for Azure VMware Solution

Continue on this path to learn about how to deploy and migrate VMs to Azure VMware Solution.

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