Microsoft Teams is an extensible platform for creating custom apps in the heart of your organizations collaboration platform. Apps for Microsoft Teams can be as simple or as complex as you need, from sending notifications to channels or users to complex multi-surface apps incorporating conversational bots, natural language processing, and embedded web experiences. You can build apps for an individual, your team, your organization, or for all Microsoft Teams users everywhere.

Some common scenarios that a custom Microsoft Teams app can help with are:

  • Proactively send information to Teams from an external system, and allow users to take action on that information from inside the Teams client.
  • Embed your website or web app directly in the Teams client.
  • Allow users to quickly look up information in another system, and add the results to a conversation in Teams.
  • Trigger workflows and processes based on a conversation in Teams, preserving the context of the conversation.

In this module, you'll see how Microsoft Teams can be extended with your own custom app, learn about your options for distributing your app, and the fundamentals of what makes up a custom app for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams can be extended in different kinds of ways; in this module you'll also learn about each of those ways, and what scenarios they're typically used for. The goal is to help you determine if building a custom app on the Microsoft Teams platform is right for you, and if so, help you choose the right extensibility points and distribution model to make your app successful.