Our goal was to help you evaluate whether Azure Backup would offer the features and capabilities to help you protect your data. During the module, we explored how Azure Backup might address:

  • Ensuring availability of your data.
  • Protecting your Azure workloads.
  • Securing your data.

We applied the criteria to a scenario where your company was hosting an application that used a SQL Server database instance running on multiple Azure VMs. We noted how Azure Backup could provide data protection by backing up our Azure VMs or the files, folders, and system state on those VMs.

We also saw how Azure Backup helps with compliance by offering retention options for the data and security with encryption and RBAC. Using Backup center, we showed how easy it is to manage these backups.

Backup center simplifies data protection management at-scale by allowing you to discover, govern, monitor, operate, and optimize backup management, all from one unified console. This helps you to drive operational efficiency with Azure. Your backups are automatically secured against ransomware, malicious admins, and accidental deletions.