If your organization provides technical services to other customers who use Microsoft Azure, you may need access to your customers' Azure environments. To help you easily deliver services to multiple different customers, Azure Lighthouse provides you with a granular level of access to the appropriate customer resources, from within your own existing Azure tenant. Azure Lighthouse also provides your customer with visibility of your access permissions and your activities inside their Azure environment.

In this module, you work for Contoso, an organization that delivers technical services to customers (also known as a Managed Service Provider or MSP). Contoso has signed managed service contracts with three new customers, with different requirements for each contract. Each customer wants to focus on providing products or services to their own customers and they're relying on Contoso to manage their Azure resources for them. Both Contoso and the customers want to use a "least privilege" approach - meaning that Contoso only has the access and privileges needed to carry out the administration, maintenance, and governance activities that are specified in the contracts.

You're tasked with getting a better understanding of the capabilities of Azure Lighthouse and how you can onboard a customer to provide security, monitoring, and management services at scale.

Finally, you'll learn how to work on your customer's tenant, and how to publish a service offering to Azure Marketplace.


Your own Microsoft Azure subscription is required to perform the exercises in this module, but the exercises can be viewed and this module completed without performing the exercise steps. The tasks incur no cost and a free Azure trial can be used.

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Learning objectives

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the features of Azure Lighthouse
  • Describe how Azure Lighthouse is used for managing multiple Microsoft Azure tenants
  • Configure Azure Resource Manager templates for deploying Azure Lighthouse
  • Deploy Azure Lighthouse with Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Set up Microsoft Defender for Cloud with Alerting
  • Create a managed service offer on the Azure Marketplace