Explore coding in the Coding FUNdamentals units


The Sea Turtle lesson is an upper primary learning activity that’s part of Coding FUNdamentals Unit 1. Every lesson has an educator guide that connects to the unit overview. Each lesson is structured in the same way. This consistency gives educators the confidence needed to use these materials with their learners. Refer to the video to learn more about the educator guide.

Explore another lesson within the Coding FUNdamentals unit to learn more about how educators use the materials to teach block-based programming concepts to learners.

  1. Select one of four learning activities:
    Coding FUNdamentals 1: Polar Bear Rescue – Learners utilize pseudocode to help them plan out their program to help the polar bear cub find its family. Based on the pseudocode, learners code the Agent to execute the desired program.
    Coding FUNdamentals 1: Gray Wolves – Learners test and code the Agent to secure the livestock at the farm from the gray wolves.
    Coding FUNdamentals 2: Ganymede & Saturn’s Ring – Learners utilize Boolean logic in conditionals in their code to obtain rock samples from Ganymede and precious metals from Saturn’s ring.
    Coding Fundamentals 3: Running out of time: Dinosaur Run – Learners combine different event blocks to sneak past the dinosaur, navigate through the temple, and use the Time Gate to teleport back.
  2. Review the educator guide for the lesson.
  3. Open the world and complete at least one of the activities. (The more activities, the better. There’s immense value in completing the entire lesson from the learner’s perspective.)
  4. Review the supporting materials:
    The PowerPoint presentation
    Learner handouts
  5. Complete the Computer Science Lesson Planning document.