Plan coding lessons with the Coding FUNdamentals lessons


As mentioned previously, the Minecraft: Education Edition computer science curriculum delivers holistic education; providing instruction for the social, emotional, and physical needs of learners. In the lessons, learners develop vital future-ready skills Finally, learners focus on real world problems which empower them to develop confidence and self-efficacy into a commitment to serve the communities in which they live and beyond to make an impact on their community. With multiple solutions and creative scenarios, learners develop a coding mindset as they complete lessons. Review the video to learn more about fostering a coding mindset with Minecraft: Education Edition’s coding lessons.

Explore one more lesson within the Coding FUNdamentals unit to learn more about how educators use the materials to teach block-based programming concepts to learners.  

  1. Select one of four learning activities:
    Coding FUNdamentals 1: Polar Bear Rescue 
    Coding FUNdamentals 1: Gray Wolves 
    Coding FUNdamentals 2: Ganymede & Saturn’s Ring 
    Coding Fundamentals 3: Running out of time: Dinosaur Run 
  2. Review the educator guide for the lesson. 
  3. Open the world and complete at least one of the activities. (The more activities, the better. There’s immense value in completing the entire lesson from the learner’s perspective.) 
  4. Review the supporting materials:
    The PowerPoint presentation
    Learner handouts 
  5. Complete the Computer Science Lesson Planning document.  
  6. Complete the coding mindset and community sections of the Teaching and learning framework review document.