Plan coding lessons with the Computing with Minecraft lessons


The more educators review teaching materials and content from their learners’ perspective the richer the experience for everyone. In doing so, educators may

  • Anticipate learners’ needs and plan accordingly.
  • Modify learning activities to match the class time available.
  • Differentiate for personalized learning.
  • Integrate cross curricular connections.

Infographic of the ways to enrich the learning experience listed in this unit.

Explore one more lesson within the Computing with Minecraft unit to learn more about how educators use the materials to introduce programming concepts to learners.

  1. Select one of three learning activities:
    Computing with Minecraft: City Planner
    Computing with Minecraft: Parks & Recreation
    Computing with Minecraft: A Zoo
  2. Review the educator guide for the lesson.
  3. Open the world and complete at least one of the activities. (The more activities, the better. There’s immense value in completing the entire lesson from the learner’s perspective.)
  4. Review the supporting materials:
    The PowerPoint presentation
    Learner handouts
  5. Complete the Computer Science Lesson Planning document.
  6. Complete the coding mindset and community sections of the Teaching and learning framework review document.